Psychotherapy in Moscow


My name is Anna, I am a bilingual English-Russian clinical psychologist working in Moscow. I am very glad to see you on my website! If you are looking for a psychologist than you are in the right place: here you can obtain some information about me and the methods I use, read some of my articles and make an informed decision about scheduling an appointment. If you still have some questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email me, I will be glad to clarify anything.


Areas I specialize in:

  • depression and depressed mood, sadness, guilt, loneliness
  • anxiety and worry
  • panic attacks
  • jealousy, unfaithfulness in relationships
  • family and couples problems (between parents and children or within the couple), lack of understanding with loved ones, conflicts
  • individual issues
  • problems and fears in interacting with other people
  • problems at work

Why me?

There are a lot of psychologists in Moscow, but some people that want to talk to someone still don’t use their services, because they are unsure of the quality of help they will get. Before you choose a psychologist you should definitely read about the criteria to consider. Here is what puts me aside:

Years of education that is proven by diplomas

Cutting-edge and scientifically proven work methods

Convenient location in the center of Moscow or Skype consultations

Reasonable prices and various payment options

Connections with specialists from top medical institutions in Moscow (for example, the European Medical Center)